INCUBO October 2-17, 2007
Atacama Desert and Santiago, Chile

ATACAMA LAB was possible because of the support and encouragement of many individuals and orgainizations. First and foremost the persistence and vision of INCUBO made it all possible. Flora Vilches was profoundly instrumental in establishing the itinerary for the Atacama fieldwork. Alex and Verana at Satour Viajes made sure our journey into the landscape was wonderful. Additional thanks goes out to Bárbara Palomino, Gonzalo Pedraza, Cecilia Puga, Patricio Mardones, Smiljan Radic, Pilar Cereceda, Rodrigo Pérez de Arce, and Rodrigo Tisi for their help in the planning and organization. And to Pilar Alliende Estévez, José Barcells, Vanessa Grimaldi, Malu Stewart, Sergio Valenzuela and Horacio Larrain, for their grace in sharing their places and work with us.

Funding for this workshop was provided in part by BHP Billiton and the Univeristy of Texas at Austin.

Continued support of Land Arts of the American West is provided by the Lannan Foundation, Andrea Nasher, and the University of New Mexico.

Image: Bingham Canyon Mine, Utah, 2006 by Chris Taylor.