INCUBO October 2-17, 2007
Atacama Desert and Santiago, Chile

07-Oct-07 Flight from Santiago to Antafagasta
Visit Escondida copper mine (info)
08-Oct-07 Travel through Salar de Atacama, visit Peine
Camp at Solcal
09-Oct-07 Work in landscape at Salar de Atacama
Camp at Solcal
10-Oct-07 Work in landscape at Laguna de Cejar
Camp at Takha-Takha in San Pedro de Atacama
11-Oct-07 Visit Geisers del Tatio, Museo R.P. Gustavo Le Paige, archeological site at Tulor, and Valle de la Luna
Camp at Takha-Takha in San Pedro de Atacama
12-Oct-07 Visit Andrew Rogers sculpture, memorial of the disappeared, Calama, Rio Loa, Oficina Salitrera Prosperidad, Salar Llamara
Camp at Huarango
13-Oct-07 Visit Humberstone Saltpeter Works, Cerro Pintados Geoglyphs, Oficina Victoria
Camp at Huarango
14-Oct-07 Visit Iquique for supplies and arrive at Atacama Desert Interdisciplinary Center to work in landscape
Camp at Alto Patache (Interdisciplinary Center)
15-Oct-07 Work in landscape at Atacama Desert Interdisciplinary Center
Camp below Alto Patache
16-Oct-07 Complete and document work in landscape at Alto Patache, break camp and move to casitas south of Iquique for final discussion
17-Oct-07 Flight from Diego Aracenca to Santiago with North Americans continuing on
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